Funny Feminist.

Fnny Feminist is a series of posts on the blog that celebrate feminism in a light-hearted, funny and realistic manner that, hopefully, will assist in bridging the gap between real feminists and the feminists the internet will have you believe are all man hating, dick hating lesbians who want men to die out so that we can rule supreme… Keeping a spare few for slaves, obviously.

Anyone can write for Funny Feminist and they can write about any topic they want, as long as it is humorous, relevant and related to feminism, feminists or feminist issues in some way, shape or form!

Introduction to Funny Feminist.

Funny Feminist – Taylor Swift by Doris

Funny Feminist – Tits Over Talent by Sarah

Funny Feminist(s) – Tina Fey & Amy Poehler by Doris

Funny Feminist – No More Page Three by Doris

Funny Feminist – Women: Get Your Own God Damned 80s Franchise!!!

If you would like to contribute, chat to me or send me hate mail for  supposedly hating your penis, then please feel free to do so:


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