Doris Does Reviews.

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This page is where you will find an, eventually (hopefully), long list of book reviews I have written, following the books that I’ve read. I tend not to stick to one genre, but fly back and forth through the genres and write wildly about what I think. Usually very positive, because who endures the horror of reading a crap book? Sad, lonely people, that’s who. Anyway, enjoy, be inspired and throw in a giggle or two if you’re feeling generous. Click the images to go straight to the post, or scroll through the blog if you’re feeling adventurous!

DSC_0183 “Poehler also has an incredible manner of taking a mirror up to women in society and showing them their true colours…Poehler inspired me and I found myself wishing that I had the same courage and candour to strive towards my life goals with the same unabashed passion and can do attitude that Poehler seems to embody without even realising it herself.”


“Rice writes about her characters in such a way that each individual seems more imperative than the next; each so wonderfully eccentric that their storylines are almost as captivating as the central plot, which is of course, a love story. I’m usually very wary of love stories.”

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 “It was one of those novels that instantly held my attention and filled my sensibilities regarding literature with intense promise. This is going to be good, I remember thinking and it soon became the book that I would spend my evenings reading until my eyes became heavy with sleep and I awoke, book still in hand the next day. In short, it was my favourite book.”


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