If you would like to contact me (because let’s face it, I’m a pretty personable person!), feel free to do so by emailing me:


You can also follow me on the old Twitter machine: @MzJaggah

I am a very PR Friendly Blogger and have written reviews on brands I’ve bought and thought deserved sharing and have also written reviews for brands who have emailed me thinking that my blog would be a great place for their brand, which is worrisome, but great for me as I like free stuff. If you have a wine company and would like some honest, drunken feedback then you need look no further, send me wine. Everything I write is honest and I won’t compromise my integrity or intelligence… unless you send me the most expensive item on your website, then I will write whatever you want. If you are a blogger and would like to collaborate on a post with me, drop me a line. If you’re a multi-millionaire business owner and would like a friendly, drunken Geordie weekend wife, then you can do exactly the same (and also send me some money)*

All words, opinions, hyrogliphics are my own unless the ones that aren’t or stated otherwise.

Thanks, Doris x


*genuinely not trying to prostitute myself here. I have a pimp for that kind of shit. Not really. sorry.

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